C2P2 - Dr Kai Szeto


CPE Lyon
43 Bd du 11 Nov. 1918
69616 Villeurbanne cedex

  Chemistry, Catalysis, Polymers and Processes (UMR 5265)

Dr Kai SZETO   Affiliated to: LCOMS Group

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Contact : kai-chung.szeto@univ-lyon1.fr
Phone: +33 (0)4 72 43 17 99

Area(s) of Research

Organometallic chemistry on surfaces. Heterogeneous catalysis. In-operando FT-IR spectroscopy. Catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons.


Ph. D. in chemistry, 2008, University of Oslo, Norway

Research Interests

Organometallic chemistry on surfaces (synthesis, characterization). Heterogeneous catalysis (fixed-bed reactor, batch reactor). Spectroscopy (FT-IR, UV-Vis, XAFS). Catalytic conversion of hydrocarbons.

Current Projects


Fixed-bed reactor equipped with an in-operando FT-IR spectroscopy cell and online GC-MS. High-vacuum line laboratory.

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